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Course image Financial Statement Analysis
Accounting 3

Analysis          of         financial          statements       for       evaluating            firm performance        and      risk. Topics     include            interpretation of          financial statements    and      footnotes,            managers'        incentives        for earnings manipulation,            comparative    analysis           of         firms,   and      ethics   in financial          reporting.

Course image Accounting for Service Industry
Accounting 4

On successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Knowing the characteristics of the hotel business.
  2. How to prepare final accounts for hotel activities
  3. Identify the characteristics of activity in health institutions.
  4. How to prepare final accounts in the activities of health institutions

Course image Commercial Law
Business Management 2
The course aims to introduce the student to the most important principles of commercial law, commercial contracts, banking operations, and the provisions of private companies and public companies.